Clerical Assembly

The Diocese of Western Europe is blessed with a dedicated group of clergy, including both priests and deacons, who serve with unwavering commitment and spiritual guidance. Our clergy team is devoted to nurturing the faith and well-being of our community across the region. Together, they provide sacramental ministry, pastoral care, and leadership, ensuring that the spiritual needs of our diocese are met with compassion and grace. Their collective efforts and devotion strengthen our diocesan community, fostering a vibrant and supportive environment for all members.


Rev Chorbishop Stapanos Yalda
Chorbishop and Parish Priest for Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Switzerland
Rev Fr Tony Malham
St Mary’s Cathedral, London, Parish Priest
Rev Fr Sam Tamras
Priest Emeritus
Rev Fr Shamoun Shamoun
Mar Benyamin Shimun Parish, Zeist, Parish Priest
Rev Fr Ninos Babisha
Mar Augin's Parish, Vienna, Parish Priest


Deacon Havil Michael
United Kingdom
Deacon Aoner Younan
United Kingdom
Deacon Younan Michael
United Kingdom
Deacon Ramsin Georges
United Kingdom
Deacon Isaac Isaac
United Kingdom
Subdeacon Loay Odish
United Kingdom
Subdeacon Evan Bahram
United Kingdom
Subdeacon Samuel Malick
United Kingdom